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When you're on the job, a Ford truck can be your hardest-working partner


It's no secret that the Ford F-150 pickup is the most popular, best-selling truck on the planet, whether it's for work, for play, or both. But when it comes to plain old hard work, there's an entire lineup of new Ford Trucks for sale in Portland at Northside Ford Truck Sales that will keep showing up every morning and just won't quit. They all demonstrate that famous F-150 work ethic and sometimes they can even take that attitude up a few notches.

The new Ford F-150: The pickup other trucks want to be someday

The Ford F-150 has been the best-selling pickup in America for an astonishing 44 years in a row. No other vehicle has ever done anything like that, while it also happens to be more popular than other vehicle in the world. Not hard to see why. All it does is just about everything, and it does everything really well: Great choices in engines, outstanding towing and payload, comfortable ride, strong resale and long-term reliability.

Two tough trucks: The new Ford F-250 and the new Ford F-350

Both trucks are available as brand-new models at Northside Ford Truck Sales in northeast Portland and both are full-size heavy-duty pickups that were born back in 1999. Both have about the same cab configurations, same bed size and trim choices. Available cabs are Regular, Super Cab or Crew Cab. You can pick a 6' 9" short box or an 8' long box. Both give you the choice of a formidable V8 or a turbo-diesel V8 with a mighty 450 horsepower.

What are the differences? Since the Ford F-250 is a somewhat smaller Super Duty pickup, the price is a little lower but both are affordable. Both trucks come standard with single rear wheels but the F-350 has available dual rear wheels, which can help distribute payload weight better and give you more stability.

Ford F-550: It's been named "Commercial Truck of the Year"

Not long ago, the Ford Super Duty F-550 Chassis Cab was honored by a publication called "Work Truck" as its "Commercial Truck of the Year." It came out ahead of 11 heavy-duty trucks because of its toughness and durability, its lower cost of ownership and its overall quality. We have new versions like a 2021 F-550 Super Cab 4x4 with Dual Rear Wheels that give you better stability when towing an extra-large load.

New 2021 Ford Transit

This is the van series that's capturing a lot of attention because of its durability, its versatility and, frankly, its style. Just because a vehicle works hard doesn't mean it has to look boring. There are lots of new Ford Transit configurations so you can build the one that best fits your jobs. The Transit will surprise you with how easy it is to handle, especially considering its size. Find out why it won Car & Driver's prestigious Editor's Choice Award.

New Ford work trucks can help you conquer the toughest jobs in the Northwest

Take an online look at our entire hard-working collection of new work trucks for sale in Portland at Northside Ford Truck Sales. From the unstoppable new Ford F-150 to the even bigger work trucks like the 2022 Ford F-450 and F-650, as well as our multi-talented Ford Transit vans, we have the Ford vehicle you can put to work and get a great return on your investment. See them in person soon at Northside Ford Truck Sales in Portland, OR.